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Scroll down for Photos of Past Comedy Improv. Shows, or Keep reading if you want to take Tantric Improv Classes in San Diego with Shawn Roop!

Five Class (all dates are on Mondays from 7-9p)--
01/21, 02/04, 02/18, 03/04, 03/18
$10 per class or $40 for all five! (Save $10)

Improv Acting+Tantra= Fun Life 
Most agree, watching Improv is a lot of fun! But how do they do it without pre scripting, over thinking or being completely terrified!
Welcome to an exciting exploration, Quest Improv! It's a new group designed to help you explore improvisational acting, life skills, aliven your creativity and its all merged with Tantra! The skills that you build will engage your mind, body and energy in a way that will allow you to move about in life with less attachment and control....Surender, the first key in Tantra!
Improv teaches and allows an open and relaxed experience for how to live. You see, so many times, we edit or control what we say or do, thinking that perfection is the driving force behind how to "be". Improvisational acting is about really letting go and being willing to fail but often learning to fly. It's about trusting yourself and other people.
The coolest thing about improv is that the "failing" becomes great humor! And because we play in Improv with others, we learn that where we think we fall short is actually just a building block to success because the group literally depends on it to take the piece in directions which we never thought possible! There is no failure, only success! It's about people thinking, playing and being together. It creates stronger relationships that are flexible and fluid.
Can you see how this might be useful in life? The applications are endless. This type of acting will just allow you to feel more free, less stressed, and see the humor in everything. It can help you at work, in your love life, spiritually, and really boost your self-esteem.
There will be certain areas that will be covered each week. This will start with how to create relationships with each other on stage. Then how to create a scene. After that we will start working on how to bring characters and scenes together so that they seem seamless regardless of what kind of suggestions are offered. We will explore, play and learn different games that actors use to bring ease to what may seem like chaos. Remember, improv acting is not about a script, it's more about just letting go and seeing what's available in the creative process with other people. Warning: you'll be laughing a lot, which also makes this a great ab workout!
This work is designed to return us to an egoless place. We open our hearts. We keep our eyes keen. Our hands are flexible and soft. And our ears are wide open. The ability to feel, see, hear, and interact freely starts to become something that will slip into the rest of life effortlessly! When the need to do it right ends, improvisation begins!
I will be bringing in the seven keys of Tantra as a way to teach improv through surrender, awareness, movement, breath, sound, intention, and acceptance. That means you'll be learning not only Improv, but also gaining real world experience in Tantra. It's a 2fer!
No experience in improv or Tantra needed. All that is asked is that you are willing to come open, ready and with a flexible mind. Depending on the group, performance is possible, yet not required to join and take the classes. 

www. http://questimprov.eventbrite.com/

Tantra Theater Performs at the Annual Daka Dankini Conference in Sedona, 2010. This is a gathering for Sacred Sexual Helaers and Tantra Teachers and Sex Educatiors. 



In this unlikely scene, San Diego Tantra Theater players: Akasha Rose, Kamala Devi, Michael, and Shawn Roop dramatize a sexual awakening story volunteered by unsuspecting audience member. There were approx. 150 people in attendance at this year's gathering for sacred sexuality professionals. It was the 10th annual conference for ISTA: International School of Temple Arts and Master Mantak Chia was the Keynote speaker.

Tantra Theater offered all new material for main stage entertainment on Saturday Night before the evening Play party. Shawn Roop starts off with an orginal piece which explores the question: "What do you tell people when they ask you what do you do?"  Michael McClure AKA Eco-Elf, does a Hilarius reenactment of a popular tantra spoof by Comedy Inc.
Kamala Devi offers a dramatic interpretation of literature, a poem entitled "Thunder, Perfect Mind" from the Nag Hammid Library. 380 BC. And then we did Improv. Comedy based on a day in the life of Baba Dez Nichols.

After the scripted performance art, we did interactive performance art with the audience.

Tantra Theater performs at Tantra-Palooza 10-10-10:  
One of the unexpected highlights of Tantra-Palooza is that Tantra Theater spontaneously performed in the BUFF!
 The show started off fully clothed with scripted pieces. Shawn Roop played the Emcee and performed his personal narrative about how he overcame Jealousy at a 3 day love-in! This Beautiful outdoor stage provided a healing atmosphere for our sex-positive message. (The running joke is that it looks like we're performing at Summer Stock.)

Goddess Brande Faris opened the show with her sultry voice and original song, "Hello & Welcome to Tantra." Rita Mooney did her Monogamy monologue. Michael kept us laughing with his Eco-Elf comedy routine about vegetarianism and Keith Davis and Viraja PreMa closed the show with their Tantric Journey Rap.

Then we opened the stage to improvise personal narratives from the audience. And that's when Bodhi challenged Shawn with a story about when he was at a hedonistic nudist retreat. Rita and Kamala Devi are playing Canadian tantra teachers at club hedonism...
 Michael and Shawn are gay lovers while Kamala Devi  is being the temptress...
And of course every one's favorite Naked Oracle..."Oh, Great Oracle tell me why I can't concentrate when people around me are taking off their clothes..."
As usual, we close with an interactive Q & A from the Cast...The director's low light was concern for the safety of her performers as they were performing on a precarious stage, only slightly safer than performing on a picnic table above a pit of snakes. The highlight was having such a fun, open minded audience and performing in the context of a deep four day retreat.
For Hot Streaming video clips go to: http://www.tantratheater.tv/
The End.  
P.S. Photos by Julie Kondor.

July 2010: The Self Love Show & Book Release Party Review


      At the beginning of every show, the cast gathers in sacred circle to call in muses and dedicate the show to a higher power. This month we called in the self. It's a pretty standard practice to call on ones "higher self" and intend to align with our divine expression...we've all done this before. The challenge is to embrace the small self.  To honor and trust that whatever we say or do is in fact perfect and though we may be able to do better in the future, we are always doing the best we can in the moment.


     This is the spirit with which we began the SELF LOVE SHOW on July 17th, 2010. With over 108 people in the house, we set a new record for Audience attendance.
     Here Kamala Devi introduced the cast of Tantra Theater: From Left to Right: Michael McClure, Keith Davis, Wayne Acciacca, Rae NewWoman, Viraja PreMa, Brande Feris, Akasha Rose, Rita Mooney, Keith Davis and our recently published author, Shawn Roop.

     We began by interviewing and spoofing the new Author of "Pathways to Love: 28 days to Self Love."

     In this photo you see that we gave away 28 books to the first people who bought tickets for the show. Kamala also interviewed Shawn's beautiful roommates Tracey and Beth, asking them what it was like to live with Shawn while he was writing the book.

     This evening was also unique because it was an initiation for six new Tantra Theater players to do public performance alongside our professional troupe. Here is a picture of Kamala Introducing the newbies:
     We then called on audience members to select a series of improvisational theater games. And we asked for tantric suggestions and had to work themes like: Virgins, videography, Kama Sutra, Editor, Zimbabwe.

     Since we do not censor ourselves in this practice many of our scenes break cultural taboos and speak the unspeakable as you can see in this homoerotic scene between two brothers.

     Alexandra from the audience came up to share a story about Self Love so that we could act it out onstage. Nobody in the cast had ever heard the marvelous story of how Alexandra had an unassisted home birth.
      Rita then stepped onstage to portray her like a caged cougar pacing a new apartment while the father of the baby slept by the tub. Her Brother then showed up to photograph while neighbors peeped in through missing curtains. Within 5 hours, Michael slipped right out from between Rita's legs and Her higher self showed up for spiritual support. Alexandra said afterwards that it was a very healing experience to watch and she said she never felt so heard! 
     During the second act, we shared three scripted personal narratives. Rae NeWoman wrote and performed a hilarious original song about a massage therapist who is unsatisfied with the traditional ending of the healing and uses tantra to create lasting satisfaction for herself and her clients.

     Viraja PreMa shares a different type of healing session in which she shape shifts into a man and explores the need to have one's seed seen, celebrated and accepted.
     Finally the show closes with a sensual  Tori Amos inspired song written with tantric lyrics and sung by the stunning priestess Brande Feris.
      We hope you'll join us for our next Big show, the last official Tantra Theater Show for the Season: What's Your Story? on Aug. 21st go to http://www.tantratheater.tv/ for details.

June 2010:Tantra Theater Travel Show

Travel Guides: Michael McClure, Rita Mooney, Shawn Roop and Kamala Devi took an open minded audience of about 45 people on a wild wacky adventure during June's Tantra Theater Show.
One of our favorite detours was to visit the oracle where these three heads merged to answer deep spiritual questions from the audience.
In devotion to Michael's Crazy Wisdom, Rita prostrates to the feet of a Nazi Guru...and yes, that is her tongue you see.
One of the audience suggestions for Tantra Cafe was "Boobs" In this scene, Kamala's deadly ta-tas kill AmRita and threaten Shawn and Michael.
Kamala interviews birthday boy Hercules "The Pleasure Coach" about an Alaskan tantric adventure that involved a nude encounter with a grizzley bear.  
The tantra theater troupe plays back Herc's adventure...but Shawn decides to show his Grizzley pubic hair instead of going totally bare.
In another tantric adventure Kamala becomes the white mountains and Shawn is a scientist who explores the terrain.
Special Thanks to the cast and crew for making it yet another unforgettable evening! Special thanks to Monique and Nate Darling  from Utah for being part of the fun!
Kudos to Adam our handsome CrewMan who works lights and sound!
 ...And to Goddess Tracey who was an official photographer along side Julie Kondor...Thanks for making the evening so memorable!


May 2010: Tantra Theater Show in Black and White

 The following fun photos are from the Tantra Theater show in downtown San Diego on May 15th. Featuring: Shawn Roop, Joy, Michael McClure, Rita Mooney and Me: Kamala Devi (I'm the one holding my etheric lingam.) Every show is completely new and unique but this show was especially unique for two distinct reasons, it was our first strictly improvisational show (we usually mix scripted personal narrative with improv.) and it was a graduation for Joy (who is one of the tantra theater pioneers) All of the players in these photos are visionaries who've been developing their craft for almost two years now.
For this show, we took audience suggestions and personal stories about taboos such as: Stranger Sex, Moon Time, Shamanic Journeying and lingam lore. We then put audience stories onstage and watched it unfold in unlikely and empowering circumstances. For example, here is a picture of Rita and Kamala celebrating their "moon time" by bleeding into mamma Earth. 

This new type of drama is transformative for the players, the audience, and collective consciousness. The best part is that everyone is laughing so hard, the personal growth becomes (mostly) painless!




History of Tantra Theater Shows:
March 27th & March 28th 2009. The Birth of Tantra Theater debute was on the Backyard Stage at the Emerald Temple, San Diego with founding players: Shawn Roop, Viraja PreMa, AmRita Mooney, Cynthia Savage, Ariel White, Michael McClure Joy & Ember. The show was dedicated to the late Chris and Kim. Directed by Kamala Devi. 
July 31st & Aug. 1st 2009. Tantra Theater II: My Body is My Temple at the Emerald Temple. Players: Adam, BethE, NellyBella, Shawn Roop, Michael McClure, Mishi, Joy, Ember & Janos Novak.
Dec. 5th 2009. Tantra Theater III: The Truth Shall Set you Free. Emerald Temple Living Room Theater. Players: Heidi P. Neilson, Sarah Murray Novak, Ember, & Joy.  
April 2009: Our first monthly Improvisation show at the Emerald Temple. Our mission was to warm up the audience before Tantra Nova Man. Performers: Michael, Joy, FabuLiz, Viraja Prema, Shawn Roop, Ember and Kamala Devi.
Aug. 8th,  Oct. 3rd, & Nov. 7th. Tantra Theater performed Improvisation at the Emerald Temple's monthly Sacred Snuggle Parties. 
Sept. 9th, 2009 Tantra Palooza 9-9-9 Back Yard Emerald Temple Stage. Performance with Shawn Roop, Viraja Ma, Michael McClure & Kamala Devi 
April 17th, 2010: Tantra Theater IV: Shamanic Storytelling at the Red Lotus Society, Downtown San Diego, Featuring: Rae NewWoman, Ember, Shwan Roop, Michael McClure, Sarah Murray Novak. Directed by Kamala Devi
March 20th, 2010. ONE year anniversary when we launched our monthly improv. comedy at Red Lotus Society Down Town San Diego. Players: Sarah, Dawn, Adam, AmRita, Shawn Roop, Joy, Michael McClure AKA Eco-elf, Heidi, Janos,  Ember and Kamala Devi. Directed by Kamala Devi 
March 20th, May 15, June 19, July 17, 2010. Tantra Theater's monthly Improvisation at the Red Lotus Society, Downtown San Diego:  Featuring: Shawn Roop, Ember, Joy, AmRita Mooney, Michael McClure & Kamala Devi.
Aug 21 2010 Tantra Theater V: All the World's A Stage at the Red Lotus Society and Aug. 22nd at the Backyard Stage at the Emerald Temple. Players: AmRita Mooney, Michael McClure, Keith Davis, Epic Sugradrift, Brande Faris, Viraja PreMa, Rae NeWoman & Kamala Devi.
Sept. 4th 2010 Burning Man: Sacred Spaces Bhakti Stage on the Playa at Black Rock Desert. : Tantra Theater players  Sarah Murray Novak, Janos Novak, Michael McClure AKA Swami G-Spot and Kamala Devi AKA Moksha.   
Sept. 23rd, 2010 NY Time Square: Sacred Sex Round Up. Kamala Devi & Michael McClure were the opening Act. Kamala Devi lead a "Taste of Tantra Theater" presentation on Sat. the 25th at 2pm.  
Oct. 9, 2010 Tantra-Palooza: Shawn Roop, Viraja PreMa, Eco-Elf, Kamala Devi, Rita Mooney, Keith Davis & Brande Faris performed at the Socrates Amphitheater. at Hidden Valley
Oct. 24, 2010 Eco-Sexual Symposium Honeymoon for Beth Stephens and Annie Sprinkle. Highways Performance Space, Santa Monica, California. Players: Michael McClure Eco-Elf & Kamala Devi 
May 1st, 2011 What do you say when people ask you what you do? Sedona. 10th Annual ISTA Gathering for Sacred Sexual Healers. Performed by Akasha Rose, Michael McClure, Shawn Roop & Kamala Devi.
TT 6: May 20th & 21st, The bo-he-mi-an show: Tower Room at Handlery Hotel, San Diego Ca. Shawn Roop, Michael McClure, Akasha Rose, Heidi Neilson, Esteban Cisnez, Katie Holton, James Schmachtenberger, Kassia Young-Walker, Mankx Wilson, Directed by Kamala Devi
July 7, 8, 9, 2011 The Sacred Slut a One Woman Show by Kamala Devi performed at the Moxie Theater to appox 300 people. Kamala Devi uses oral tradition and temple arts to transmit the powerful teachings of sacred sex mentors: Veronica Monet, Amara Charles, Mare Simone, Tracy Elise. Also using original pieces written by Akasha and Rae NeWoman The show culminated in a tribute to performance art legend, Annie Sprinkle's Legend of the Ancient Sacred Prostitue. 
OPENING ACT: Improvisational Comedy by:  Michael McClure, Rita Mooney, Heidi Nielsen, Rae NeWoman and Shawn Roop. 
Nov. 11, 2011 Tantra-Palooza Talent Show at Hidden Valley Resort: Shawn Roop, James Schmachtenberger, Heidi P. Neilson, Adam Paulman, and Micahel McClure!
Dec. 8 & 9 2011 Tantra Theater 7: The SacReligious Show at Queen Bees to over 150 people. Cum all ye who are religious in the sack!  Writer/performers include: Adam Paulman, Chris, Coby, Jennifer Gold, Nate Darling, Michael McClure, and Monique Darling. Directed by Kamala Devi 
July 6 & 7th 2012, TT 8: The Poly Show: Performed  at Victory Theater to over 150 people. After over 6 months of on again off again rehearsal (due to the interruption of Showtime's reality show)  This show shaered the comedy and reality of managing multiple relationships. Starring the advanced cast: Shawn Roop, Adam Paulman, Cheri Reeder, Michael McClure, Roxanne DePalma, Jennifer Gold, Tahl Gruer, Viraja Prema Directed by Kamala Devi. 
Dec. 12, 2012 Tantra-Palooza Talent Show at Desert Hotsprings: Roxanne DePalma, Heidi P. Neilson, Adam Paulman, Micahel McClure, Cheri Reeder, Jennifer Gold and others!
Feb. 1& 2 2013, TT 9: The Surreal Show at Victory Theater to over 200 people. This extraordinary experiment was birthed after an insanely focused 7day rehearsal process that actually involved a co-ed sleep-over with a 4am "wake up call" so the performers could perform while still dreaming. Perfomers: Shawn Roop, Michael McClure, Roxanne DePalma, Katie Anne Holton, Heidi P. Neilson, Adam Paulman, and Joy. Stage Managed by Coby Anderson. Directed by Kamala Devi. 
May 24th & 25th, TT 10: The Eco-Sex Show