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Shamanic Storytelling

     Sat. April 17th, 2010. After one full season of gathering for ritual and play we created the safety to share our stories, dreams, and visions. We got naked metaphorically and literally and birthed this body of personal narratives. Today we invite you virtually into our circle and ask that you breathe deep and see yourself in our performances. The first true narrative is by Shawn Roop. He shares his initation into tantra in a piece called: The gift of receiving.

    One of the fundamental practices of the Shamanic path is soul retrieval. The next series of personal narratives are true stories that illustrate a variety of ways to reclaim our wholeness. In this piece called Sleepwalker, Michael tells the story of how he survived after jumping from a 3rd story building.

      Kamala Devi explores the healing side of BDSM in a performance called: Liberation Through Bondage.

      Next, Rae Newoman uses the shamanic tool of turning her wounds into art, music and song in her piece about circumcision: A New Tradition.

      A shaman is someone who straddles two worlds: Light, Dark, Male, Female, Animal and God. Sometimes a Shaman even shape shifts into other forms. And they often work in the realm of altered states, such as dreamtime and vision. In the next series of surreal stories, Ember Shares about Extra-Terrestrial Shamanism.


      In the next piece, Rae Newoman offers another musical ensamble piece called: Sister Gayle's Ascension with the help of Shawn, Akasha, Michael and Colibri. 
      Another healing tool that the Shaman uses is art. I want to acknowledge Sister Sarah for painting this gorgeous backdrop. Sarah Anchors the show with her final sexy act called: Billie Jean.

      I love my Tantra Theater Cast!  After the show we offered a 30 minute Q & A which was like a delicious dessert after a special feast. 

       If you can imagined yourself up here on stage telling your story...We invite you to come and Audition for tantra theater on Thurs. May 13th & May 20th. No experience necessary. We will be starting another 90 day class that will culminate in a big stage production like this in August. It will be called "Dick Dialogs" Both Women and Men are invited to explore their relationship to the Sacred Lingam, Penis, or Dick.  

     Extra gratitude to Heidi for being the House Manager, Dawn for publicity, Janos for the opening, Kainat for consessions, Adam for lights and sound, Monique for running the crew, Jim Ellis for Videography and ofcourse Electric Rick and Julie Kondor for photography!