Making Memories...
Photography by: Tracey Lontos, Electrick Rick Raney, Lindsey Ward, Malka, Sarah Murray Novak, Steve Bickel and Ian Delgado and Julie Kondor.

 We had over 200 participants gather to experience Tantra Theater's holiday "Sack-Religious" show on Dec 8 and 9th at Queen Bee's Art and Culture Center in Northpark.

1) Sister Superior warmed up the audience with an invocation and short sexy sermon.


2) Father Michael inspired "Confessions" by the entire ensemble of writer/performers: Adam, Chris, Coby, Jenn, Nate, Katie and Monique.

3) Michael played an original Song about creation: "Brahma the great creator."

4) Monique shares a deep personal narrative about her tantric awakening and how she become a tantric facilitator after growing up in conservative Utah.

5) Michael offers a dramatic interpretation of "Jesus was way Cool" by King Missile.

6) Adam does Stand up comedy as "Jesus Christ" doing hands on healing and teaching us not only to love one another, but to make love to one another.

7) In this spectacular song and dance number Chris shares about how hard (or not hard) it is to get an erection at his first tantric play party.

INTERMISSION We announce the VIP after party with Naked Butlers!

Special Thanks to Sabrina, Cheri, Bodhi, Manx, Roxanne and Ellen for your Sexy Service!


8) Katie shows us how she fell in love with a foul mouth innocent (played by Jenn) who dared to ask the question: Why did Jesus have to die? Why can't god forgive our sins without a blood sacrifice?

9) Nate rewrites his relationship to self pleasuring using rope as a metaphor for how he's been trapped in his own prison, he untangles himself from his programming and redefines sexual sin as Shame.


10) Coby explores a dark fantasy based on the question: what kind of a twisted perverted bitch hires a prostitute in Vegas on Christmas eve? Or worse yet, IS a prostitute?


11) Michael plays "Satan was way cool" by Beck and then introduces the audience to our version of Hell.

12) Jenn leads the cast in a sensual lap dance to "Devil Inside" by Inxs.


13) Kamala Devi presents Adam with the Golden Lingam award, well deserved recognition for a brilliant performance and for his ongoing support and devotion to other tantra theater players.


We did a Question and Answer panel with the cast at the VIP party with the artist's after the show! We explored the rewards and challenges of the three month personal growth course. Auditions for the next Tantra Theater course will be held again in January.



Naked Butlers Warmed up the Afterparty!Thank you Sabrina, Cheri, Bodhi, Manx, Roxanne, and Ellen!


Most photos were shot by cast photographer: Julie Kondor Thanks to Rob at Namaste Media, Ankah Desh and Electric Rick!




Photos by Julie Kondor.
We filled the house with our abundant San Diego Spiritual Community during the 3 night run of  Kamala Devi's world premier of the Sacred Slut Show.
Kamala Devi opens the evening with an invocation to the Goddess. 
San Diego Tantra Theater Improv Troupe lubricates the audience with 2 minute monologues, Audience awakenings and the Tantric oracle. 
The first time I invoked the goddess...
Kamala Devi plays Veronica Monet in Whore's are Feminist too. 
When I was a little girl, people used to ask me what I wanted to be when I grew up...
Kamala Devi plays Amara Charles in the White Tigress.
Kamala Devi plays Mare Simone in Nectar of the Goddess. 
Kamala and Husband Michael sing "I'm Just a Girl who can't say no" by Rae NeWoman
Thunder Perfect Mind Nag Hammid Library, Egypt 340 BCE
Kamala Devi plays Mother Priestess Tracy Elise in Practicing in Temple. 
Kamala Dei does excerpts from Post Porn Modernism by Annie Sprinkle. 
Kamala Devi prepares for the "Legend of the Ancient Sacred Prostitute" by Annie Sprinkle. 

My first Standing O. 

Gratitude to my Cast and Crew. From Left to Right starting on top: Peter on Drums, James on lights, sound  and slideshow, Michael lighting design and executive producer, Steve Bickell on Videography, Kali Das on Stage Management, Maha Lakshmi on Concessions, Catheleen on Registration, Janos is Set designer extrordinaire,  Kamala Devi, Tracey Lontos on Registration, Neil on Sound, Eve Olution on acting coaching, Rita Mooney on Comedy, Adam Paulman on Slideshow, Rae NewWoman on Comedy & Voice coaching.
And ofcourse Julie Kondor is taking the photo. Thank you Julie for these fabulous memories! For details and videos go to www.TantraTheater.TV


TT6: The bo-he-mi-an Show Cliff Notes: 


 Tantra Theater's director Kamala Devi opens the show with poetry from the Dead Sea Scrolls entltied Thunder, Perfect Mind. "I am Godless. And I am the one who's god is Great!" 
The Bohemian troupe goes on to introduce themselves with wacky personal ads. In sum, we're a motly bunch of poly tantrikas in search of double jointed, adventurous, kinky nudists for tea, yoga and deep conversation...wink. wink.
Heidi Neilson (AKA Kali Das)- Performs an original poem entitled Bohemian Rhapsody wherein she describes the dawn of her sexual awakening at her first Sacred Snuggle party.
Michael does a hilarious new rendition of "Orgasm Man" originally written and posted on Youtube by Comedy Inc. In this picture we see his orgasm mudra and advanced acronym: O.
James Schmachtenberger tells us about his unconventional upbringing in Life in a Laboratory. Here we see his first memory of seeing a vagina was when he was 3 years old and his nanny sat on the edge of the bed giving me an anatomy lesson.
Kassia shares the  magical  tale of how she healed her Love addiction. In a dream-like encounter with her fairy godfather we see Esteban activating her sacral chakra.  
In "Prince Charming", Esteban boldly breaks social taboos by humorously exposing his STD history.  In this scene Michael freezes warts off his hands with liquid nitrogen.
Katie Holton received a standing ovation for her performance called "The Full Molly." Here she sings Chantilly Lace at a Karaoke club at the Dinah Shore weekend.
Mankx explores the wild world of sexual role play with a blow up doll. In this scene, Gigi asks Mankx if he's willing to do a prisoner guard and prisoner scene, where she gets to be the guard.
In "I Know Why The Caged Cock Cringes" by Katie Holton, the audience get to experience lesbian sex, from dick's perspective.
Akasha Rose blesses throngs of open hearted men in the "Fucking Saint," a fantasy about taking sacred prostitution to a whole new level.
Kamala Devi undresses in the "White Tigress," a performance art piece inspired by Quodoshka teacher and author, Amara Charles.  This piece is a preview from Kamala's forthcoming one-woman-show entitled: The Sacred Slut Series.  
Aknowledgments: Photos by Julie Kondor, Electrick Rick, Crew: Shawn Roop, Vilma, Maha Laksmi, Sarah Murray Novak, Janos, Monique Darling,Nate Darling, SheilaJoy Keller, Steve Bickell, Peter
Thank you for making it such a fabulous show! For details go to: Videos will be posted soon.

TT5: What's Your Story?  

      Imagine what you say if you were asked to share your most formative sexual or spiritual story onstage to over 100 people. This organic process of self expression results in a whole lot of humor, healing and liberation!

     Featuring original work by Shawn Roop, Rita Mooney, Michael McClure, Akasha Rose,  Brande Faris, Keith Davis, Rae NeWoman, Wayne Acciacca, and Viraja Prema. Directed by Kamala Devi.

     This was our final show of the year at our downtown location! Followed by a 2pm Matinee in the Back Yard stage at the Emerald Temple in Pacific Beach on Aug. 21st and 22nd 2010.

Following are the cliff notes: We had 108 friends and lovers in the house (again!)

We opened the ritual with a homage to master Shakespeare. "All the World's a Stage." 

Keith starts with the story of how a corporate Nascar fan leaves his secure job, has an existential crisis and comes to find deeper intimacy in the world of Tantra. Brande anchors the scene with an original song "Hello, welcome to tantra, Sacred circles, incense, consciousness fully present..."

Shawn Roop shares how he got the "Gift of Jealousy" at a Love-in (Sex Party) with his tantric girlfriend. At first he thought he'd be OK watching his lover be with someone else, then he discovered he was not, and then with the help of a dakini he moved into an even deeper place of love and trust. The experience of compersion that he got that night, is eternal.

Akasha Rose explores the deep, complex and nontraditional love relationships between client and provider. The love she explores is universal and unconditional.

 Rita Mooney performs an original monologue about Monogamy in Shakespearean style. She goes on to coin the term: Poly-thespian. Where a performance artist is monogamous in relationship but is allowed to have many lovers onstage or onscreen.

Rae NewWoman has a gift for turning her pain into song. This is the story of how she divorced her cheating husband and found a new empowering lover to support her while she raised her kids.

Swami Maha Lingam (AKA Swami Ji-Spot) is a tantric avatar who is able to lay eggs and produce lingerie from his talented penis. This piece was originally inspired by Steve Martin and played by Michael McClure.

Brande Faris sings "Let's Talk about Sex" as she gives sex ed. lectures at kids camps. As a tantrika she is able to raise the vibration for the next generation of lovers.

In "Reclaiming my voice," Viraja PreMa tells the deep intimate story of how her family supported her (or not) in becoming an empowered sexual healer. The final scene is a touching farewell to her Father who passed this February. In this photo Shawn anchors the Divine Masculine Archtype to hold space for Viraja's healing.

By sharing his personal narrative of how he broadened his own sexual identity, Wayne gives voice to a silent minority of bisexuals in the military. Here we watch him self pleasure to a virtual reality recording of gay sex.

In "Sitting Buddha, Standing Buddha, Lying Buddha" Kamala Devi embodies Shakti to share tantric insights about the holy trinity. In this photo Kamala plays Mary Magdalene to her lover's Christ's consciousness.

Keith Davis anchors the show with an original rap entitled "Tantric Journey" in the tune of "Ice, Ice, baby."  "Check out the junk you need to be solving, while the earth's revolving."

Afterwards, we got a standing ovation!  As an Encore, we offered an improvisational encore called "Audience Awakening" This is where we interview an audience member about a sacred sexual story and then, without any preparation the troupe will improvise the scene onstage.

Goddess Joy Phoenix shared a story about a hot tantric affair in Puerto Rico which actually changed her hair color from Red to Blond. On Sunday, We offered a Sweet Matinee to over 30 people at the the Emerald Temple and we did two new awakeings: Shawn shared a story about the ever-changing nature of love, and Mikey talked about the healing power of touch at a cuddle party. For details about upcoming Tantra Theater performances go to:

TT4: Shamanic Storytelling Showcase:
Sat. April 17th, 2010. We gathered for one season and through ritual and play we created the safety to share our stories, dreams, and visions. We got naked metaphorically, and literally and birthed this body of personal narratives. Today we invite you into our circle and ask that you breathe deep and see yourself in our performances.
The Showcase opened with An invocation by Ember. "Open Me up so I can Recieve, Open me up so I can Believe." One of our cast members was called away to be with her father during his transition to the other side. We dedicate this show to: Rita Mooney.
Shawn Roop shares his initation into tantra in a piece called: The gift of receiving.
Colibri performs her intiation into sacred sexuality in a piece called: This changes everything.
One of the fundamental practices of the Shamanic path is soul retrieval. The next series of personal narratives are True stories that illustrate a variety of ways to reclaim our wholeness. In this piece called Sleepwalker, Michael jumps from a 3rd story building.
  Akasha Rose addresses the issue of abortion in a thought provocative piece entiteld: Recovery Room
Kamala Devi explores the healing side of BDSM in a performance called: Liberation Through Bondage.
A shaman is someone who straddles two worlds: Light, Dark, Male, Female, Animal and God sometimes shape shifts into other forms… and they often work in the realm of altered states, such as dreamtime and vision. Put your hands together for the next series of surreal stories. Ember Shares Extra-Terrestrial Shamanism.
Rae Newoman uses the shamanic tool of turning her wounds into art, music and song in her piece called Circumsision and then offers another ensamble piece called: Sister Gayles Ascension with the help of Shawn, Akasha, Michael and Colibri.
Michael transforms into a hunky celestrial being and plays the guitar.
Rae Newoman, Colibri and Akasha dance in the "flow of the universe" together.
Another healing tool that the Shaman uses is art. I want to acknowledge Sister Sarah for painting this gorgeous backdrop.  Sarah Anchors the show with her final sexy act called: Billie Jean.
I love my Tantra Theater Cast!
After the show we offered a 30 minute Q & A which was like a delicious dessert after a special feast. 
I presented Tantra Theater's mock version of the academy award: The Golden Lingam Award to Michael McClure for being the most valuable player and special kudos to his work as Eco Elf.
If you can imagined yourself up here on stage telling your story...We invite you to come and Audition for tantra theater on Thurs. May 13th. No experience necessary. We will be starting another 90 day class that will culminate in a big stage production like this in August. It will be called "Dick Dialogs" Both Women and Men are invited to explore their relationship to the Sacred Lingam, Penis, or Dick.  

Extra Gratitude to Heidi for being the House Manager, Dawn for publicity, Janos for the opening, Kainat for consessions, Adam for lights and sound, Monique for running the crew, Jim Ellis for Videography and ofcourse Electric Rick and Julie Kondor for photography!




 Tantra Theater 3: The Truth will Set you Free. Winter 2009

"The Birth of Tantra Theater" Original Cast Came Together in January 2009.


 Tantra Theater's first Audition by Electrick Rick Raney




Cliff Notes for The first Tantra Theater Show...

After the welcome circle, I started the evening off by explaining that the Tantra Theater Show is the product of a 90 day journey where we tight-walked the fine line between art and therapy. During rehearsals we laughed, cried, and circulated orgasmic energy together. Most of the scenes are written by the performer.
Just as there are 64 tantric arts...Viraja Ma went through 64 hours of labor...and thus the play started with a dramatization of her tantric home-birth. In a media interview after the show, the interviewer asked me...what does birth have to do with tantra?
Tantra teaches us that we are all divine gods and goddesses. We are learning to experience more divinity in our bodies... and there is no more obvious and direct way to know that you are a creator, than by giving birth. Every woman has the opportunity to experience her womb as a portal to the spirit realm. When woman chooses not to give their power over to the medical establishment, they can stay in touch with the experience of bringing life to earth.

Tantra also gives us permission to turn gender roles upside down. In this next scene...we have Michael playing the high school slut and Rita smokes a cigar and washes her penis off before making Michael give her a blow job.

What would the evening be without a little gender-bending and lesbian fun? Oh, My Goddesses...Ariel and Joy are hot together!

I should have warned the people in the front row that they were in the "Splash Zone" Just like at SeaWorld, "If you are sitting in the first three rows...You Will Get Wet." Here Cynthia performes: My Amrita, My Blood, My Milk and Me.
Viraja and Shawn don't just play the part of divine mother and father...they ARE Shakti and Shiva incarnate!

Viraja and Michael on the other hand...could use a little cheese with their crackers...You'll be hearing more from "Sister Shakti Ma" and "Swami Rainbow-Anada" as they launch their YouTube tantra teaching series.

In "Shawn vs. the Vacuum" we get a glimpse into the deep sexual wounding that a modern tantra master had to overcome...The picture says it all.

I know this next scene looks like Shawn is trying to levitate while his sisters are playing the hand jive...but it's actually a brilliant scene by Ember which suggests that we chose our life's circumstances and it is up to each individual to forgive, worship, and remember their own divinity.

And finally, what would Tantra be without a little Bollywood dance at the end?

Special Thank you to Tracey Lontos and Electric Rick for taking these photos.
Thank you San Diego Tantra Theater Troupe!
See you at the cast party.
Love, KD










TT II: My Body is My Temple
July 31st and Aug.1st 2009 at the Emerald Temple


The Emerald Temple Backyard Theater filled about 150 seats with conscious community who gathered for entertainment and enlightenment. What a warm and wonderful reception for the San Diego Tantra Theater Troupe second big show.
Kamala Devi Introduced the show by asking the audience: Who are you, behind your mask? And explained that the following performances are true personal narratives from tantra students, many of whom have never told these stories, and/or never been onstage before. And so as they say in the rapper community...peace out.
Joy is worshipped by three hot goddesses in the opening act: My Body is My Temple.
Meeshi explores transpersonal love as he holds space for the cast to dance. (Easy, Janos, that's Meeshi's wife!)
Michael describes the day his son was born and how he caught the "little bastard" and then realized he had the same body (zyphoid process to be specific.)

 Joy practices her boundaries in the bathtub with sexy Shawn Roop. "His cock felt like a baby elephant trunk winding up my back."

NellyBella ends a lifetime of holding on and fearlessly uses the toilet onstage. This is true tantra: break every taboo and discover the sacred in the mundane. Thanks NellyB!

Adam, Jodi Ember and Janos snuggle onstage at a down tempo rave party...hey that's not acting...that's what they do all the time. ;P
NellyBella dances with Michael who plays Duce the DJ in her flashback. (Dude, are you humping my knee?)

In Jodi Embers's act, Orgasmic Wild Ride, she is sent to the cramped quarters of a shared bathroom in order to self pleasure. Shawn and Meeshi are her nosy brothers..."Hey little sis, what are you doin' in there?"
" Who are you beneith the Mask?" Asks bad ass Michael as he strips down to a scared little boy.
Janos explores what christ consciousness has to say about unconditional love after rebirthing through a 6 foot Yoni. This act, entitled "My Resurection" had the audience rolling in tears, we were laughing and crying at the same time.
We're off to see the Guru of Ahzz! Shawn Roop writes a hilarous parody of four spiritual seekers on a new kind of "Tantra Quest" This scene involves a techno color lingam of light and a closing chant, "There's No place like Ommm. There's no place like Ommm."

Adam, the man behind the curtain Yells: "Lay down and spread your legs!" You don't have to tell BethE twice!

Michael coins the term "Manrita" as he jokingly advocates prostate massage during masterbation.
Adam invokes the prudish voices in his head while re-living a formative sexual experience with the easy daughter of an Episcipol priest, played by Sheila Joy.

I bet you didn't know that adam was a christian charismatic minister? And he nearly converted the whole cast!

In Confessions of a First Year Tantrika, Shawn and BethE tell the true story of how they met for a three day session in Sedona... Life has never been the same since.

Janos's philosophy as an artist is to dive into life...even the thing that scares him most. He looks at the golden lingam that he carved and realized...I don't even like men. Thus he joined a tantric men's group....a STRAIGHT men's his provokative bi-curious peice called "But I'm not gay."

The Show ends with a big BANG! The whole cast hails to Meeshi Anjali who coreographed this Nataraj dance. Here is where we dance like crazy and kill our characters in the name of Shiva the destroyer! Aho!
Afterwards we celebrated in the Tantra tent with lots of cuddles and down tempo conversation.
I love my cast, I love my community, I love my Drama. Truly, there is no place like Om!