Who are you behind your Mask?
Meet the SD Tantra Theater Troupe:

We are not just a troupe of actors, we are friends and lovers who are willing to be transparent about practicing polyamory. We like to think of ourselves as a pod. Like dolphins we swim together, eat together, play together and sometimes even make love. We are a collective of artists, healers and teachers who are committed to transmuting sexual guilt, fear and shame into art, healing and liberation! For showtimes go to: www.tantratheater.tv 


Kamala Devi is the creator and director of San DiegoTantra Theater. Her one woman show is called the "Sacred Slut series." She has been a Performance Artist for over 15 years. She stars in Showtime's reality series: Polyamory: Married and Dating.  www.KamalaDevi.com


Michael McClure AKA "Eco Elf" is co-founder of Tantra Theater. He is an environmentalist, comedian, musician and shaman. He stars in Showtime's new reality series: Polyamory: Married and Dating. In addition to making us laugh onstage, he is the executive producer, set and lighting designer.  www.PolyamoryMichael.com




Shawn Roop is a founding member of Tantra theater and has been sharing the keys that open the door to a path well lived since 2000. He is a master healer, teacher and tantric guide.  www.Tantraquest.com
























Viraja Prema is an embodiment of unconditional love, singer, musician, mother and healer who is natural joy to behold onstage!www.transformationaltouch.com


Adam Paulman is a leader in the San Diego Tantra Community he practices non-violent communication, Zegg style forum, Tantsu and he is a Tantra Counselor. 




Jen Gold is a salsa dancer, lover of life and huge tantra theater supporter. She stars on Showtime's reality series, Polyamory: Married and Dating. 


Roxanne DePalma is a yoga teacher, body worker and pole dancer. She recently appeared in several episodes of Showtime's new reality series Polyamory: Married and Dating.


Cheri Reeder is a natural born muse. She is a Native American Indian/Italian Dragon. She is an author, songwriter and new performer.


Tahl Gruer is a student of Chinese medicine, a tai Chi practitioner, and is also starring  in Showtime's docu-series, Polyamory: Married and Dating. www.TahlGruer.com



We couldn't "DO IT" without our CREW:

Janos Novak designs, engineers and build set and prop pieces.He is the original creator and recipient of the golden Lingam award.   

Jim Ellis Writer, videographer, playwright, filmmaker, Jim has published 4 books, produced 15 films/video productions, produced a dozen plays and written hundreds of articles, columns & poems.  His Legacy production company creates promotions for causes of higher purpose.

Tantra Theater Graduates:

 This talented troupe of Tantrikas have undergone a deep healing journey and have cultivated personal narratives as well as original works of fiction. All material performed by Tantra Theater is shared intellectual property with the writer/performer.

 /i/tantra theater/a_viraja.jpg "Tantra Theater has become a beautiful outlet for healing, transformation, fun and self discovery.  The depth at which I know, accept and love myself and drastically increased.  I have truly benefited from this experience." --Viraja Prema TT1, TT5, TT8  
/i/teaching tantra/Ariel_1.jpg"My first love is theater, mix that with my spiritual path of choice, Tantra, and you have a powerful combination!" --Ariel White TT1  
“Tantra theater inspired us to go through our personal narratives and transform the most impactful experiences of our lives into art. In so doing, we’ve discovered the gem within each and learned that our experiences are universal. We’re serving them up, that they may inspire you and help you find the Good – bon appetit!”--Ember TT1,TT2,TT3,TT4 & Improv.   
/i/tantra theater/a_cynthia.jpg"Tantra theatre for me has been an awesome exploration of creating art out of life experiences and watching the blossoming of each person’s creative spark. Having acted many years, I have been directed by a lot of people, and find Kamala’s direction to be wonderfully insightful and dynamic. She manages to bring out the light in everyone, and has the confidence, skill and artistry to create magic." --Cynthia Savage T1  
/i/tantra theater/a_rita.jpg "I have been witness to the unfolding of amazing stories and deep, dark secrets.  These tales, told with integrity and authenticity and received with genuine interest remind us that we are not alone and provide the courage to release the toxic residuals of our own stories.  What an amazing 90 days.  Kamala is truly gifted at leading creative exploration in a safe and supportive manner.  Whether with the group, or one-on-one coaching, it’s an enjoyable and life-changing process.  She makes comfortable, this creative process; is a fantastic leader and a giving director.  If you are thinking about it, you should do it! "--Rita Mooney T1, T4,T5 & Improv  
/i/tantra theater/michael_headshot.jpg"Tantra Theater is my therapy it has brought up seminal event in my life, some of which I hadn't remembered in years. It is the most important work I've done towards the discovery of my true life purpose...and it's Sexy. "--Michael McClure TT1,TT2, TT4, TT5, TT6, TT7 & Improv.  

/i/tantra theater/a_joy.jpg "My Tantra theater experience has been transformative. It has taken me to multi-faceted places of deep emotion and wonder. The process reawakened not just the actor in me, but the me in me. Kamala Devi's inspired direction is unparalleled. She is an extraordinary facilitator and creativity coach who sees the big picture back wards and inside out from an intuitive, spiritual perch that makes the final product intensely meaningful. Her vision and ability to weave all aspects and elements at hand helped me embody my passion for life again. If you are ready to grab life by the minute hand and remember what it feels like to dance in the moment, try Tantra Theater!" T1,T2,T3 & Improv. 

/i/tantra theater/n613428492_5176_1.jpg Tantra Theater helped unlock deep creativity and juicy emotional connections that really rocketed extremely valuable energy into all aspects of my life. The group intimacy with each member is the greatest gift I am coming away with, thanks to Kamala's passion to unveil transparency and authenticity in each breath" --Shawn Roop TT1, TT2,TT5, TT6 & Improv.

"First experience with theater and using tantric principles to convey poignant stories about myself. I found the tantra theater experience to be an enriching journey of self discovery enhanced with a warm loving support from the other ensemble members.--Hari Om. T3

 "Been fearless through life and have always hidden the fear I have around performing in public. Tantra Theater shed bright light into my darkest shadows and gave me a safe place to explore my edge." --Heidi N. TT3, TT6


-- Kamala is a fabulous taeacher of "Anything" and her baby tantra theater is a masterpiece. It's profound to reach into the closet and pull out events of
our lives and turn them into theater. The most profound effect is on the
players and audience. Rae NeWoman TT4, TT5 .

"Tantra Theater feels very healing. It means the world to me to be  able to act out some old stories and have fun with them. My friends say I have changed a lot since going  to the theatre class. It is so rich and it really can stir me up. But it was well worth it." --S.D. TT3


"This is the most radical community building exercise I have ever been part of.  The opportunity to see, hear, know and love my troupe is priceless.  Everyone has their dramas, dreams, tragedies... and sharing them in this context is so powerfully connecting and integrative!  Tantra theater is my new spiritual practice.--Akasha Rose T3,T4,T5, T6

"Tantra Theater has been by far one of the most challenging and rewarding things I've ever done. It provided a safe and sacred space from which to express and develop very personal ideas to see dreams take shape, to write down random stories and re-enact them in circle. The fruits of such a journey are priceless, it is a combination of therapy, art, meditation and requires only that one enters with an open mind ready to try anything. Kamala is a supportive facilitator, visionary and director. I would recommend this course to anyone--even the most stage shy!"--Sarah Murray Novak T3,T4

--Janos TT2

-Meeshi TT2


--Epic AccaiciaTT5

--Colibri TT4

--Keith DavisTT5 

In Memory of... Kim and Chris


This evening I had the bittersweet honor of giving a Eulogy. My dear friends Kim Heil and Chris Rubino died in a car accident on their way home from a Cuddle Party TM lead by Valerie in Joshua Tree on Feb. 16th 2009. Kim was buried in her home town on the east coast and Chris’s ashes were scattered across the country (including in Kims tomb) and the reception was held at a local SD Mariott where there were friends, co-workers and family members speaking on their behalf.

I selected two short pieces of literature that had deep significance for both Kim and Chris. But first, a few personal notes. I’ve known them for the last 3 years, I had the privilege of offering them their first Tantra puja, and they were quick to sign up for nearly everything I offered afterwards. They were also dedicated students of Francoise’s. They soon become pillars in the Tantra community, and in time they also became close personal friends.

In fact, before Michael and I conducted our tantric commitment ceremony, we were having challenges in our relationship and called together a few people es to help us work on our relationship issues. As a relationship coach I was very selective about who I would share my personal trials with, but felt that Kim and Chris knew a thing or two about how to keep a modern relationship successful. It turns out they were instrumental in getting us back into harmony.

We had a lot in common with them. They are not only tantrikas, but thespians! Michael used to hold comedy improve classes in our living room and of course they would show up for that. In fact they were part of the original inspiration for me to start a Tantra Theater troupe. Over New Years we selected 10 creative pioneers to explore birth death and a sacred sexual celebration of life. Kim was going to be our choreographer. Every October she was one of the organizers trying to break the Guinness World Record for the most people simultaneously reenacting the dance from Michael Jackson's Thriller Video. She was going to teach us the basic thriller moves and we were going to do a Tantra- zombie-Bollywood-fusion dance. She was so multi-talented. They were both so creative, sometimes perhaps too creative.

On more than one occasion, Chris alluded to not really fitting into the Tantra community, or any community for that matter. They didn’t consider themselves “spiritual.” The only church they’d go to on Sundays was the San Diego Zoo. If you want to learn anything about human behavior just watch the primates. More specifically, the Bonobo apes.
The Bonobos share more than 98 percent of our genetic profile, making them the closest human ancestor. The species is characterized as female-centered, egalitarian and highly sexualized social beings, for they have evolved to substitute sex for aggression. Kim and Chris were great believers of the philosophy make love not war they visited the Bonobos so often, the bonobos actually recognized them.
In Tantra Theater I asked the cast members to develop a personal narrative around birth, this is what Kim wrote:

“On April 22nd, he came into this world and he truly was a miracle. Since his mother didn't want him, he was considered an orphan and was cared for by the staff. I tried to visit him as often as I could and was allowed to. No matter what stresses I had going on in my life they instantly disappeared when I was with him. I would spend hours watching him sleep in his crib studying his little face, nose, ears. He looked so peaceful, lying so still, swaddled in a blue blanket with only his head peeking out. And when we first made eye contact I was overwhelmed with the connection and the feeling of oneness. We are all one regardless of gender, culture, race, or species. We are all part of the same universe.”

Chris also left me with a piece of literature. He gave me a book called “Godbody” by Theodore Sturgeon. The main character of the book is a sort of Christ figure who at the end is killed and as he lay dying he says,

“Try to remember me. If your goin’ to tell what I said, make it what I said and not what somebody thinks I said or what somebody wishes I’d said.
Also don’t anybody forget I sweat and stink sometimes, and some people-stinks are better’n all the roses in the world. Also I talk people talk and try to keep things simple. I got no rules to recite except: love eachother; God, if you’d all only do that, you wouldn’t need no other rules at all, not one.
Outdoors naked is all the cathedrals I ever want in my name, all the robes and collars as well. Straight, simple, honest talk is all the services anybody ever needs to hold for me, and if you work out a form for it I won’t come.
If ever you want to touch the hand and the heart of God Almighty, you can do it through the body of someone you love. Anytime. Anywhere. Without no middleman. I’ll see you around.” He died."